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Video Analytics

Video analytics technology is based on algorithms designed to allow automatic recognition of specific elements and movements.

This technology based on artificial intelligence possesses a real learning capability.

The analysis system is capable of learning the appearance of a human body and identifying it in any video record. Thanks to video analytics, the system is able to differentiate when it registers a person, a car or an animal passing by, making it easier to detect intrusions. Analytical video makes it possible to direct the analysis of video surveillance systems to the elements considered relevant, making the process more assertive and eliminating false positives, which are common in motion sensor systems.

On the other hand, the association of video analytics with recording allows to better define what should or should not be recorded, as well as to apply rules to already recorded images for a quicker and a posteriori search of what you want to find, thus preventing incidents or suspicious behavior from going unnoticed because they have not been identified.

In addition to security functions, video analytics makes it possible to identify behaviors relevant to the management of business opportunities, such as the circulation flows of potential customers in a store, complex or exhibition space.

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